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Construction Management & Engineering Consulting Services

Department of the VA, Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, WA

Blue Trident performs ongoing electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering design, interior design, and construction management services to the Seattle and American Lake VA campuses.  Blue Trident delivers facility and system design, specification writing, forensic engineering and report, drafting, cost estimating, project management and acquisition support, construction quality management and inspection, and commissioning.

Blue Trident has supported a range of engineering projects for VA Seattle and American Lake including campus-wide infrastructure design for deployment of the EHRM program, design of a 3D printing facility to support manufacturing of PPE and biological materials, and interior design to increase COVID-19 patient care.

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Boiler System Design & Modernization

Department of the VA, Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Centers & Clinics (SORCC), White City, OR

Blue Trident provided project management, design quality assurance, and construction administration services to FFSCBC (Prime) to support replacement of boilers and electrical work in building 232 of VA White City.  The design included new life cycle cost effective and energy intelligent boilers, full replacement of electrical systems, replacement of various boiler appurtenances and associated components, and replacement of other boiler related equipment including boiler controls.

Surface Parking Design

Department of the VA, Portland VAMC, Vancouver campus, Vancouver, WA

Blue Trident led civil and electrical design, geotechnical engineering, and environmental investigation to design surface parking on a challenging site including a hill covering excavation and construction materials from a building built in the early 1980’s.  This project required extensive site investigation and production of design alternatives to mitigate environmental risks during construction, yet maximize parking density and meet client budget objectives.

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Seismic Upgrades to Building 431 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS)

NAVFAC Northwest

Blue Trident performed structural engineering design services to support renovation of the existing 560,000-square-foot machine shop within the Controlled Industrial Area (CIA) of PSNS.  Blue Trident’s scope included structural engineering design for the unreinforced masonry (URM) and wood framed structures on the west side of the building and miscellaneous structural design where needed for other structural and architectural/mechanical upgrades included in the project.

CHT Forensic Investigation and Analysis, Naval Base Kitsap

EJB Facilities

(WSBOSC Maintenance Contractor) Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor

Blue Trident performed engineering investigation and analysis of failed plumbing components at certain locations of the base sewage discharge system. The specific area of concern was a system section that transported effluent from the 7400 Delta Pier to the 7022 treatment facility. Two 4” elbows, a 6” gate valve, and a 4” check valve were removed and transferred to a material lab for analysis.  Field investigations and design reviews were conducted. A report of findings and recommendations for further analysis was provided to the client.

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Pierce County Readiness Center at Camp Murray

Absher Construction & WJA

Blue Trident performed independent technical design review for civil and structural disciplines. The project consisted of an 80,701 GSF specialized training/deployment facility.  Work also included associated site development construction of an unheated 16,812 GSF pre-engineered vehicle storage building, and other minor support facilities. The project complied with NGB standards and was designed to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Seismic and Structural Repairs to Buildings at Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR

Department of the Interior

Fish and Wildlife Service

Blue Trident performed structural/seismic repairs and upgrades to multiple buildings at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge facilities complex in Calipatria, CA. Repairs included installation of roof sheathing to shear wall connections, installation of additional steel rod cross bracing to repair wood canopies and damaged steel columns. This repair project addressed critical life safety risk at the complex due to damaged structures.


ADA Compliant Sidewalks – Grounds Improvements

National Park Service

This project gave ADA/ABA access to the Log Cabin Resort Lodge, new restroom building, boat dock and lodge south side gift shop entrance.  Blue Trident performed asphalt patching, painting, and signage during challenging winter conditions.

Demolition of AAFES Warehouse

Department of the Air Force

Keesler, AFB

Blue Trident performed construction management services to demolish Building 4503, AAFES Warehouse, associated driveway and sidewalks, and dead-end section of M Street to restore the site to a natural state.

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Design-Build Install Temporary Facility, Building 7131

NAVFAC Northwest

Blue Trident performed design-build services for a temporary modular facility on Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor, WA.  The project included design and construction of underground utilities, exterior lighting and communication systems, life safety and fire protection, systems, interior design, and a 5,760 SF temporary trailer/building.


Architectural work incorporated details for stitching 8 modular units together, interior office layout, AT/FP compliance, and complete ABA compliance including access to the 48” elevated structure from the site and adjacent building.  Construction was successfully performed in the logistically challenging, restricted lower base area.

Howard A. Hanson Dam Barge Launch Construction

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Howard A. Hanson Dam, Ravensdale, WA

Blue Trident led construction of a heavy truck haul road and staging area to form and launch a modular barge for dam repairs.  The construction site is adjacent to the dam reservoir and under water nine months of the year causing planning and execution challenges.  Blue Trident developed onsite solutions to enable on-time delivery of the project.  Further, construction was completed during COVID-19 restrictions and zero cases were reported.

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Demo and Construct New Observation Platform

Fish and Wildlife Service

Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Reserve, Imperial Beach, CA

Blue Trident performed engineering design and construction to demolish and construct new wildlife observation platforms.  Blue Trident designed an ADA ramp connecting the platforms for fullest accessibility to the public.  Further, construction was completed during COVID-19 restrictions and zero cases were reported. 

Fisher House Exterior Improvements

Department of the VA, Portland VAMC, Vancouver campus, Vancouver, WA

Blue Trident led a multi-disciplinary team of civil and electrical engineers and landscape architects to successfully enhance the exterior of VA Vancouver’s Fisher House.  A Fisher House is "a home away from home" for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and VA medical centers.  Blue Trident designed new bollard and pole lighting, walkways with ADA ramp access, fencing to enclose a play area for children, and charging station for a golf cart to transport patient family members.


Alaska Business Remodel

Department of the VA, Alaska VAMC, Anchorage, AK

Blue Trident conducted a survey and delivered a design to remodel the existing VA business unit by adding three additional work areas, integrated the waiting room with the business area, converted existing breakroom into a dual breakroom and office space, and enclosed the My Healthy Vet check-in area for added patient privacy.

Seismically Mitigate Building 1 and Building 2 at Roseburg VAMC

Department of the VA, Roseburg VAMC, Roseburg, OR

Blue Trident conducted in-depth site investigation and 65% design development including drawings and other A/E Services to develop detailed plans to install seismic bracing on non-structural components not already protected in building 1 and building 2 of VA Roseburg.  The projects assessed and prioritized the replacement of interior hollow clay tile wall to reduce falling hazards that can injure building occupants or block egress paths such as hallways or stairwells.  Blue Trident began design of seismic bracing to be installed on non-structural building components such as clay tile roof, mechanical and plumbing, ductwork, piping, equipment, plumbing and medical gas piping, plumbing equipment, incoming water service, fire protection piping, sprinklers, equipment, electrical light fixtures, conduit, equipment, as well as securing tall cabinets and furniture to prevent toppling.  


Solar and CHP Commissioning

Department of the VA, Multiple VAMCs

Blue Trident provided project management and logistics support for implementing the commissioning of multiple solar PV projects.  The solar PV systems consisted of fixed-tilt and/or single axis-tracking systems installed on rooftops and/or carport structures and/or ground mounted. Commissioning tasks that required project management support and technical review included 100% design review, 50% construction as-built review and final commissioning activities.

Energy Assessments

Department of the Navy, BUMED

Blue Trident provided project management to perform energy audits at Naval Hospitals throughout the United States.  Assisted with measurement, engineering calculations, and reporting to evaluate current energy consumption, develop status quo energy consumption and cost baselines, and develop investment initiatives to move Navy Medicine facilities to improved energy consumption and cost effectiveness for compliance with the Energy Policy Act (EPACT).  


Enhanced and Expand Parking Lot Areas

Department of the VA, Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Centers & Clinics (SORCC), White City, OR

Blue Trident provided design services to enhance and expand parking lot areas at VA SORCC, White City, OR.  The design included correction of general poor condition and cracking in Parking Lot 'I' and Staff Parking areas to the east and west of Building 235; correction of handicapped parking stall configurations in Parking Area 'C', Lot 'I', and adjacent to Bldg. 248; design of compliant paths of travel from vehicle parking to public destinations with required access aisles, signage, detectable warning surfaces, etc; and expansion of parking in Lot ‘F’ by 25-100 spaces.

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